Diana Onuma

More About Me…

What motivates me?

Unresolved conflict in the family is energy draining and emotionally stressful. Think about the many individuals who spring to mind when you reflect on family arguments and relationship breakdown. Some issues come and go, some are prolonged over weeks, months or years. Litigation has its place, but for the majority of cases, in our experience, the Courtroom often inflates tensions, increases what is already a highly emotive and stressful process for the individuals involved.

Relationships are an important aspect of life and if there is an issue in a family relationship the stress and emotional aftermath can often pervade other areas of life. Relationship breakdown can be a lonely process despite having the support of friends and family. Disagreements, arguments and relationship breakdown are a part of life, what is important is how the situation is dealt with and how to move on from the experience.

As lead accredited mediator, Diana Onuma is committed to ensuring you achieve the best co-operative, mutually acceptable outcome for your family because you are the best expert on the needs of your family.


Diana Onuma’s relevant experience embraces the following:


I qualified as a barrister and subsequently became a family court legal adviser, advising magistrates and judges on law and procedure in public law and private law disputes. Her legal experience has provided a firm foundation on which to build a mediation practice.


Diana’s counselling qualifications enhance her mediation practice by providing me with the tools to navigate the emotional readiness and ability of clients seeking mediation.

Parent Coach

Diana teaches parenting skills to encourage parents to consider positive alternative approaches to parenting. Her acquired knowledge of child development and the practicalities of family life challenges compliment her mediation practice ensuring the needs of the child remains the underpinning theme in child-related and child-inclusive mediation.

Empowerment Coach

Diana provides a coaching and support service for professional individuals who have experienced and left abusive relationships. The service provides a bespoke, personal well-being service including complementary health modalities that empower the client to move on free, confident and independent.

Money Management Facilitator

As a certified money archetype coach and MOM facilitator, Diana understands the mindset challenges and practical difficulties that can arise with relationship breakdown. Diana is trained to identify and remove the mindset blocks encouraging a fresh, empowering perspective to managing finances and budgeting especially during the transition of relationship breakdown.