I had a thought provoking conversation yesterday with someone who wanted to know more about my work as a family mediator. I love the work I do because the mediation process encourages independence, assists you to manage change and transition through the fear and chaos and it gently urges you to adjust to what becomes your new reality. We were discussing what makes a case succeed; I shared 5 keys to successfully navigating the process.

The key for today is acceptance. You have arrived at a place of understanding about your relationship ending or coming to an end. You don’t have to like it but you understand the reality of it.

welly boots stuck in the mudSome clients feel like they’re stuck in a deep, thick, cold mud of hurt and anger. These feelings are not uncommon. Mediation is a process that acknowledges feelings and behaviour however it is not to be used as a back door to rehearse blameworthiness and denigration of character. It is a positive process about finding a way forward; unlocking a doorway to explore an outcome that works for all involved.

What do you need to do to ‘sit’ comfortably in the seat of acceptance?