Diana’s coaching experience brings the empowerment and accountability thread to enhance Circle of Growth’s mediation practice further.  


Parent Coach

Diana teaches parenting skills to encourage parents to consider positive alternative approaches to parenting. Her acquired knowledge of child development and the practicalities of family life challenges compliment the Circle of Growth mediation practice ensuring the needs of the child remains the underpinning theme in child-related mediation.

There are specific parenting workshops for separated father’s who wish to learn or develop further parenting skills. Click here to get in touch.

The three C’s four week parenting course for separated fathers focuses on encouraging dads to parent consciously with commitment and enabling stronger relationship connection. This is offered on a one to one basis or within a group setting.

We provide a mentor service that engages in a collaborative working approach to teen girls in conflict with their mothers. For more information Contact Us here.


Empowerment Coach

Diana runs the Butterfly Programme, coaching and support service for professional individuals who have experienced and left abusive relationships. The service provides a bespoke, personal well-being service including complementary health modalities that empower the client to move on free, confident and independent. A percentage of the fees charged for the Butterfly Programme is invested into the EW project’.

This service is offered via the EW Project, a voluntary organisation founded by Diana to offer low cost coaching and support to vulnerable women. For more information on either the Butterfly Programme or EW Project please Contact Diana here.

Sacred Money Archetype Coach

Diana guides you to discover your dominant archetypes and understand how to use them to increase your income and secure financial freedom.

You will learn key areas where you may be giving your power away with money, and identify steps you can take to own your value by breaking through your money blind spots  and exploring opportunities for empowering your financial decisions with confidence and clarity.